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Mumbai is a city in crisis desperately in need of transformation. There is a complete systemic breakdown resulting in a visible failure of governance in all aspects of city life. Solid Waste Management, Traffic, and management of public open spaces are a disaster, and air pollution has reached an all time low! Urban renewal MUST become the name of the game and Mumbai needs to transform into an inclusive, caring and happy city for all her inhabitants. NAGAR has tried to address this through advocacy with the relevant agencies.

NAGAR’s good work continues. Its emphasis on advocacy stems from the firm belief that an NGO cannot run the city. It has to be ensured that Government does it AND gets it right. NGOs undertake tasks that rightfully are the obligation of the Government and no matter how laudable their success, they can only ever address a part of the problem. It is only those who are mandated to legislate and govern who can be truly seized of the problem in its entirety and be in a position to effect equitable and holistic solutions.

NAGAR’s objective of better governance, supported by media and citizen pressure, can best be achieved by advocating for a responsive and responsible Government. Knowledge based advocacy is the much needed prod to steer Government towards best practice solutions and away from ineffective populist ones.

Now a professional organization, as against the volunteer efforts of days past, NAGAR Plans to build on what it has already done and address the complex challenges facing the City today.


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