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Cuffe Parade Pilot Project

NAGAR, the Indian Centre for Plastics in the Environment (ICPE) and the MCGM, in partnership, did a pilot project on segregation of waste. It was supported by Stree Mukti Sanghatana and the Cuffe Parade Residents’ Association (CPRA).The project was officially launched on the 18th April, 2001 as part of a Ward visit by the Municipal Commissioner Mr. K.C. Srivastava.

The area of operation of the project was the 52 buildings in Cuffe Parade and the time-frame was 3 months. NAGAR created a replicable model for the collection, storage and re-cycling of ‘dry’ waste in Mumbai city keeping within the system the ubiquitous rag picker, traditionally so invaluable in reducing the solid waste burden on the landfills.

Gradually the time-frame extended further and more buildings joined the project. This project was a great success. The chart below reflects the benefits of this project:

Label April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov.
No. of bldgs. 38 45 47 47 51 53 71+11 80
No. of Rag pickers 5 4.9 6.32 6.15 5.2 5.3 6.12 7
Total Quantum Of ‘dry’ waste collection. (in kgs.) 603 3396.5 5530 4838.5 4731 57715 6574 10847
Total amount of money generated (in Rs.) 1210 9509 14826 14848 14130 20554 19626 30262
Earnings per Day per Rag picker (in Rs.) 48.41 69.30 83.78 96.57 93.70 138.84 103.44 144.10

A quick look at the chart above is a recap of our success:
  1. Resource conservation: Presently, over 10,000 kgs. of 'dry' waste per month (in just the pilot area) is recycled. Multiplied manifold this would be a tremendous saving to the economy not to mention its environmental advantages.
  2. Income generation: Rs. 30,000 generated in the last month out of unwanted commodities.
  3. Generation of livelihood: Seven persons from an under-privileged section of society earning a living, with scope for generation of a lot more employment. Moreover, a holistic attempt has been made to improve their nature of work. For instance, we actively discouraged them from rummaging in garbage areas as it is unhygienic, disease causing and downright inhuman. Their brief was only to pick up segregated 'dry' waste just as it was the declared duty of the residents to take responsibility for waste of their own creation/generation.

We at NAGAR are sure that this is a replicable model. However, the fact remains that it is the ultimate responsibility of the MCGM to make provision for picking up segregated waste and processing accordingly.

View the Solid Waste Management and Handling at the Ward Level in Greater Mumbai


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