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2003 - 2004

Erstwhile constituents of NAGAR now amalgamated: Clean Air (CA); CitiSpace (CS); Clean Sweep Forum (CSF)

CA: A member of the Co-ordination Committee constituted by the High Court, August 2002
CA continued its activities on the High Court Co-ordination Committee. Experience clearly showed that constant vigilance in overseeing implementation is a MUST. There has been a marked improvement in the air Bombay breathes with all transport vehicles over 8 years old now off the road. 

Bombay First Taxi Report
Along with NAGAR & CS, CA actively worked on the Bombay First Traffic Committee’s Sub Group on Taxis, to enhance the quality of services offered in the city. Our driving force has been to evolve a system which can eventually lead to a drop in private vehicles on the road thus curbing congestion and thereby pollution.

Colaba Tourist Destination Association (CTDA)
CTDA put together a monsoon festival “Chalo Colaba” to create awareness among the area stakeholders and the citizens at large. A brochure of the Colaba Tourist District Management Plan was published by the Urban Design Research Institute (UDRI) and sponsored by an area stakeholder, the Taj Mahal Hotel. A Trustee of NAGAR was a co-editor of this publication and was also involved in the festival.

Solid Waste Management
  1. CSF collaborated with MCGM for its Swachcha Mumbai Abhiyan at Churchgate with G.D. Somani school children by disseminating information on segregation of waste, vermin-composting and protection of footpaths and correct usage of road space. (August 2003)
  2. CSF supported Mumbai Medwaste action Group (MMAG) in their battle(s) as in the last crisis over the closure of the Sewri incinerator (for med-waste).
  3. CSF supported “Mumbai Chakachak”, a campaign initiated by the State Government in association with MCGM and Traffic Police, addressing cleanliness and traffic issues in three wards of the city – ‘A’, H (W) and M (W).

Institutionalization of the ALM concept:
  1. Complete revamp of the Advanced Locality Management (ALM) scheme of the MCGM: emphasis on MCGM to have clear financial understanding with its residents’ associations; a proposal put forward by CSF for institutionalization of the ALM concept, conversion of ALMs into a legal entity, an empowered cell to oversee its growth and development, the possibility of creating an apex federation of ALMs, and, above all, an Independent Monitoring Body to ensure its efficient functioning;
  2. a study conducted for MCGM which will evaluate ALMs, among other things, on the aspect of waste management techniques resulting in immediate cost savings to MCGM


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