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2007 - 2008

Erstwhile constituents of NAGAR now amalgamated: Clean Air (CA); CitiSpace (CS); Clean Sweep Forum (CSF)

Hawker matter
  1. The GOM was granted adjournments twice by the Supreme Court over the last 18 months as they were unable to file an affidavit on the Maharashtra Policy on Street Vendors.
  2. The Home Secretary and the Police Commissioner were made party to the Contempt Petition filed by CS against the Municipal Commissioner for continuation of cooking of food on the streets of Mumbai against the Orders of the Supreme Court.
  3. The idea of a workshop on implementation of the Hawkers Scheme was initiated by CS which was taken up enthusiastically by the DMC in charge Dr. Kudalkar. It was held at the F-North Ward Office on 14th March, 2008 and was a great success with as many as 55 Ward officials participating. Many issues regarding the Supreme Court Orders and the problems facing the MCGM officials were discussed.

SRA matter
  1. The stay order in favour of CS continued to operate in which there can be no SRA Scheme on Reserved Open Spaces in Greater Mumbai.
  2. However, the GOM succeeded in the Supreme Court and got permission to extend the cut-off date, from 1995 to 2000, in the Dharavi and Airport slum development cases.

Recreation Grounds, Playgrounds, Parks & Gardens
  1. The matter relating to the adoption of RG/PGs, Parks & Gardens was sent to the State Government for approval by the MCGM. The State Government approved the introduction of Caretaker Policy on open spaces and asked the MCGM to draft a policy.
  2. CS objected to the policy and brought the controversial policy to the public domain by public hearings, press conferences, public debates and lobbying with the Politicians all through 2007.
  3. On September 14 2007 Hindustan Times published an open letter of appeal to the CM, drafted by CS and CA and signed by prominent citizens, namely, Justice B. N. Srikrishna (Retd.), Justice S. Variava (Retd.), Mr. Sharad Kale, Mr. D. M. Sukthankar, Mr. Satish Sahney, Mr. Julio Rebeiro, Mr. Cyrus Guzder, Mr. Nasser Munjee, Mr. Gerson Da Cunha, Mrs. Sheilu Srinivasan, Mr. Debi Goenka, Mrs. Shirin Bharucha, Mr. Shailesh Gandhi, Mrs. Nayana Kathpalia, Mrs. Neera Punj and Mrs. Meher Rafaat. Post the publication of this letter the CM has stayed the Caretaker Policy.

CA: A member of the Co-ordination Committee constituted by the High Court, August 2002
The Co-ordination Committee, of which CA was a part, set up by the Bombay High Court in the air pollution matter continued to operate, though results on the ground were few and not very successful. Unfortunately effective implementation by the concerned authorities was lacking.

  1. CA partnered with CS on the issue of Public Open Spaces, particularly Recreational Grounds / Playgrounds (RG/PG) issue, a very important component in creating a pollution free atmosphere.
  2. Meeting with the Governor was attended by CS, CA, NAGAR and some prominent citizens to communicate to him the urgency of saving open spaces. The Governor gave his personal assurance of support and followed this with a press release.
  3. RG/PG sub-committee actively interacted with the Municipal and other authorities to provide a city and citizen friendly policy in for the fast dwindling in Mumbai.
  4. CA campaigned to ‘Save Crawford Market’ which was being handed over to a development, based purely on commercial gain and that would destroy the heritage precinct and heavily strain the infrastructure resources in that area.

Institutionalization of the ALM concept
  1. CSF analyzed the Municipal Bye-laws on Cleanliness and Sanitation promulgated in early 2007 by MCGM; sent extensive comments in writing with considered feedback and suggestions; participated in the public meeting organized by Mr. R.A. Rajeev, Addl. Municipal Commissioner (A.M.C.) to discuss the draft Bye-laws; quite a few of suggestions sent by CSF have been incorporated in the new Bye Laws; CSF organized public meetings on the issue
  2. As suggested by CSF that MCGM appointed an army of Nuisance Detectors on the similar lines of the ones successfully done at Nagpur; MCGM appointed ‘Clean-up Marshalls’ to serve as ‘municipal beat police’ to help implement cleanliness drives

E-Waste Management
CSF decided to work on the issue of e–waste, for which it interacted with Toxics Link, an NGO concerned with hazardous waste; also met the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board and one E-Waste Agency (EWA) at Bangalore, a Public-Private partnership having the support of the Indo-German-Swiss Initiative; also met Mr. Soni, Managing Director of Infotrek, expecting to be the first e-waste recycling unit in Mumbai, to be recognized by MPCB and MCGM

‘Clean-up Mumbai’ campaign
CSF members attended the launch of the ‘Clean-up Mumbai’ campaign which was done with big fanfare at the MCGM Head Quarters.


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